20 Dec 2017

A different kind of corporate event on a rib!

We are an Insurance Company, and with summer season approaching we wanted to host an event for our team. An event quite unique and interesting to motivate our staff, a difficult task when your employees are of different ages and different backgrounds.

After our internet research we came up with quite a few ideas, but the one that sounded the most promising was hosting our event in a Rib. But we wanted something more than just a smooth sailing trip across the Greek Sea’s waves. We wanted fun and that kind of fun that makes a team stronger and more productive than ever. So we decided to book a treasure hunt with a Rib.

On the day of the event we all arrived at the marina where we were divided into two groups, we were given all the necessary equipment, a GPS, binoculars, a map, a compass and instructions and we were ready to head off for an amazing deep blue adventure.

We walked inside the spacious and comfortable Rib and we enjoyed a welcoming drink before we started the treasure hunt. When the captain gave us his signal we stopped staring into the eternal blue and organized our strategy to win the game.

We cruised around many hidden gulfs in the Greek sea and we discovered caves and shores we never even knew existed.

After hours of fun, cruising the crystal clear waters of the Greek sea and admiring nature’s beauty the game ended. We might have lost the game but it was time for the real fun. Music, snacks and drinks waited for us to enjoy! This quite different experience got us out of the office and got us working together with a common goal – to have fun with the beautiful Greek sea as our guide!

This has been an excellent opportunity for us to bond as a team, to learn to work together under all circumstances and of course to have the chance to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets of our lives.