20 Jun 2017

A different kind of corporate event on a rib!

Working for an Insurance Company, whilst summer season was approaching, we thought of hosting an event for our team, as to reward their achievements, away from the distractions of our office.
After our internet research, we came up with quite a few ideas, but the one that sounded the most promising, was hosting our event in Rib boats. We wanted to share the fun which makes a team stronger and more productive.
On the day of the event we all arrived at the marina where we were divided into two groups, in two different boats and we were ready to head off, for an amazing deep blue adventure.
We’ ve been welcomed aboard by our skippers and we enjoyed a welcoming drink before starting our trip. When the coach gave us his signal we stopped staring into the eternal blue and organized our strategy to win the game.
We cruised around many hidden gulfs in the Greek sea and we discovered caves and shores we never even knew their existence.
After hours of fun, cruising onto the crystal blue of the Greek sea and admiring nature’s beauty the game ended. Our team might have lost the game but it was time for the real fun. Music, snacks and drinks waited for us to enjoy! This quite different experience got us out of the office and got us working together with a common goal – to have fun with the beautiful Greek sea as our guide!
This had been an excellent opportunity for us to bond as a team, to make our employees feeling special and motivate them for their future in our company, by sharing all of us the chance to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets of our lives.