We are made from our Experiences
We create for you unique Rib Boat Experiences

A man is great only when he acts by passion. In “Open Sea” we explore the Greek seas in order to offer unique escape experiences from ordinary life, enjoying the sense of freedom a rib boat can offer you! Our passion reflects the morning breeze while sailing. The wind that hits our face when the rib rides the waves. The sunset in the end of the sea while the engines are switched off. Our passion is your smile the moment you discover the most powdery, isolated beach in the Aegean sea. We will never stop serving this passion.


We are made to help you explore, escape, experience sea with a rib boat like never before

Open Sea is a specialised rib chartering company in Greece. Greece is full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered and explored. We created Open Sea to share our passion for the sea with like minded people. People who are passionate about Greek deep blue and are willing to explore destinations they have never even heard before.
People having in their DNA to escape from an ordinary day and are seeking for unique moments in their lives. People who love to live unique experiences which are shaping their lives.
We developed  a brand new company which is ready to satisfy your expectations in the most fascinating way. We invest continuously in our fleet and in our people, in order to provide you services by filling in your needs based to your time availability and budget. By normal rib rental services to tailor-made rib boat cruises & tours, we are here to create a new way you experience the sea.
We are here to invite you to the magic world of rib boats, where adventure, sense of freedom and style are the topmost characteristics. Whether you are a sea adventure seeker, a couple, a group of friends, or a family, we can offer you unlimited options to feel an unforgettable experience with comfort and security.
Come on board and get ready to live one of our unique Open Sea experiences.


To induce people to explore the gems of the Greek Sea, to escape in infinite hidden and undiscovered destinations and experience a sea trip  in the most fascinating and safe way.

Our ETHOS is our top value

These values are the principals of our presence. They lead our thinking, our approach to every matter, our desicions and actions. These are the roots of our past, present and future. We are our values.

Value 1: Passion

Sea is our

Exploring continuously the hidden gems of the Greek sea. Revealing new secret destinations with a rib boat, new ways of experiencing the sea is what keeps us alive every day. Sharing this passion with you is what helps us improve our services and develop tailor-made suggestions for you and create unique experiences!

Value 2: Best Performance

Perform at our best
every moment

We have created a culture of excellence. We believe that high quality services should be the only standard for you, every moment. We are courageous enough to adopt any new service practice, to invest in our outstanding fleet and to our dedicated team, in order to always deliver outstanding experiences to you.

Value 3: Honesty

Honesty, Transparency

We act as one. Respect and integrity are the main ingredients which are keeping our team together. We are fearless to the truth, we act with accountability and transparency. We strive to do the right thing for our customers every moment.

Value 4: People

People oriented

As people’s needs becomes our priority, acting in 2 directions in this field of business:
1. We are here to fulfill ambitions and dreams in our own and our team’s life.
2. We are fearless in delivering unique experiences for you.
We know how to keep our promises for our people.