Kythnos is a humble island with incredible beauty, turquoise beaches, traditional villages, hot springs and green valleys. It remains genuine despite its proximity to Athens as visitors fill the island’s beaches every summer weekend.



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Kithnos is a Greek island in the South Aegean in the Western Cyclades between Kea and Serifos with an area if 100.187 km2 (38.68 sq mi).



The church of Agia Triada is known to be the oldest church in Kythnos located in Chora. Also in Chora the church of Saint Savas built in 1613 carries the coat of arms of the Venetian feudal lords Gozzadini and has a very unique architecture. Messaria Square boasts the church of the Virgin Mary or Panagia, which gets very busy on its eponymous feast on August 15 which attracts a lot of tourists and residents to the fist.



The Folklore Museum in Dryopida. will introduce you to the traditional household as well as the rural and everyday life of the locals of the past. The Byzantine Ecclesiastical Museum is located also in Driopida and features holy icons, golden crosses of the 18th century and other ecclesiastical items of unique value.



Narrow, cobble-stoned streets filled with quite beauty, small squares, churches and windmills between whitewashed houses with terraces or tile roofs, make up a charming and serene setting that will surely take your breath away.



Kolona, is the most famous beach of Kythnos and one of the most impressive beaches you will ever see. A strip of land divides the sea, creating two sandy beaches on the same beach. Loutra beach, is one of the most popular and unique beaches due to the thermal springs found flowing in the sea which are said to have healing properties since they are very rich in minerals. They can reach the temperature of 52oC, producing steam when getting in touch with the cool water of the Sea. You should also visit, Kanala , Episkopi and Apokrousi.

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Visit the amazing and unique Katafiki Cave, one of the biggest caves in Greece used as an iron mine until 1939. It includes some very unique and interesting stalagmites and rock formations, some of them being unique rock curtains. It is located in a walking distance from Driopida.

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This beautiful mountainous island with its wild beauty, picturesque architecture and lovely beaches is the perfect place for a quite getaway and an unforgettable adventure.


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