Poros is the island of serenity and relaxation, where one can enjoy romantic strolls. Only a one-hour rib ride from Athens, Poros is a beautiful island with relaxing atmosphere full of pine trees that reach the shores and the sandy beaches.
A gorgeous picturesque island, with traditional insular houses and beautiful mansions, Poros has unique architecture and significant historic sites and is considered one of the best places for unforgettable, carefree holidays.
Except of the extended list of accommodation choices, beaches and picturesque villages it also offers a unique cosmopolitan flair of another era with the lounge nightlife making it a popular summer weekend destination for the Athenians. Over the last years, the island has evolved as a departure point for sailing trips to the Saronic Gulf. This is why many sailing centers have their base on the island.



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Poros is located in the southern part of the Saronic Gulf, south from Piraeus and separated from the Peloponnese by a 200 m.


For true nature lovers that want to have it all, reviving adventure and total relaxation.


History & Myths:

The word “Poros” is ancient Greek and means small sea passage and it describes perfectly the island since the closest distance between the island and the coast of the Peloponnese is 200 m. The island is actually two islands, Kalavria and Sferia.
According to ancient Greek mythology, Poros is the birthplace of a romantic tragedy. When the Cretan King Minos was fighting the city of Megara, the daughter of the besieged city’s King, Scylla, fell in love with the Cretan King. To show her love, she cut off a lock of her father’s hair, which was the source of his immortality, stole the keys to the city’s gates and gave them to King Minos. When the king finally took the city, he rejected Scylla and prepared to return to Crete. In desperation, she jumped into the sea and followed the ships until she drowned of exhaustion.



Although Poros is a small island it features some of the most gorgeous beaches, that offer all the characteristics of paradise: sandy coasts, clean blue seas and shade trees.
Among the most beautiful Poros beaches are “Askeli” and the “Love Bay”. All the beaches are organized and lined up with hotels, taverns, beach bars and water sports centers. The lush greenery and crystal beaches of the island create an ideal environment for complete relaxation.
Most beaches are close to the town of Poros and one can get there by car, bus, bicycle, or by foot, but also by small boats from the port.


High in tourist infrastructure, Poros has most of its tourist facilities located in the Town of Poros, but there are other smaller villages that are filled with hidden beauties and are being explored by many tourists every summer, such as Askeli and Neorio.
Only a one-hour rib ride from Athens, Poros island, is one of the most popular weekend destinations and filled with activities and surprises from morning till night. Starting the day, someone can visit one of the many beautiful and unique beaches of Poros and swim in the crystal-clear waters. Later on, you can enjoy delicious sea food and other local dishes in one of the numerous restaurants along the port of Poros Town and at the beach of Askeli. In the evening, head to the main town and have dinner at one of the many restaurants that line up the waterfront. An interesting sight to visit is the historical Monastery of Zoodohos Pighi above Askeli. Apart from dining in lovely restaurants, you can spend the night in one of the relaxing cafe-bars of Poros that line up the port. A couple of clubs are also found in walking distance from the main town, for partying until early in the morning



Hiking and mountain biking
Choose one of the many pine tree paths that Poros is filled with and get one step closer to nature’s beauty! Don’t miss the chance to try hiking or mountain biking all over the island and admire a marvelous view from the top of hills while exercising.
Water sports
Enjoy the safety and convenience of the organized beaches of Poros and don’t forget to try different water sports and fun activities for all ages. From banana slides and water skiing to wakeboarding and windsurfing, Poros is water sports’ fans absolute paradise! Water sports centers can be found in Askeli, Neorio and other less organized beaches. If you are a deep blue enthusiast you can also grab the chance to dive and discover the colorful underwater world of the amazing sea bottom of Poros. A diving school is situated in Askeli, and apart from diving lessons, it also organizes diving excursions.
Horseback riding
Don’t miss the opportunity of an unforgettable experience such as horseback riding around the beauties of the Island. Whether it is a romantic ride or a discovery of the undeniable natural beauties of the island you should try this unique sport. There are specific horseback riding tours around the island, that if combined with a picnic can create the perfect day.
Hellenic Navy Swearing Ceremony
Poros, the location of The Training Center of the Hellenic Navy is where the Swearing Ceremony of the Hellenic Navy Training Center is held once every two months and it is open to the public. Visitors of the Island can have the chance to witness a really impressive ceremony which includes a parade and a demonstration.


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Organize a sailing trip in the Saronic Gulf and in the eastern coasts of Peloponnese.

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Poros is a smart choice to escape from the city center very close to Athens, offers wonderful landscapes, full of trees and various beaches. Idyllic beaches, lush vegetation and low hills are some of the things that complete the beauty of this small Saronic Island.


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