Spetses is one of the southern-most Saronic islands. In ancient times, it was known as Pityoussa, and later as Petses. One small but really breath-taking island of the Mediterranean sea where people enjoy their lives since the 60’s. The fact that almost every hotel and restaurant is open from Easter until October proves it. Of course, the hot season with the main Athenian tourist begins in July and ends after the Armata festival at the second weekend of September.



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Spetses is an affluent island in the Islands regional unit of Attica. It is often included as one of the Saronic Islands.


For deep blue enthusiasts that want to experience a high quality relaxing experience with a “French Riviera” – like feeling.



Sightseeing in Spetses, apart from the cultural attractions includes a few churches and monasteries that spread throughout the town itself and beyond, most of which are dating from the early Christian times and post-Byzantine years. Some of them are, the church of the Dormition of the Virgin, the islands cathedral and the monastery of Agios Nikolaos.



For many people, Spetses is one of the most important part of the Greek history while it connects its name with the Greek figure of Laskarina Bouboulina. An illustrious name that arouses feelings of patriotism, sacrifice and bravery in the heart of every Greek, a “kapetanissa” who offered so much to the independent movement of Greece. On the island of Spetses the “Bouboulina Museum” is housed in the 300-year-old mansion of Bouboulina’s second husband Bouboulis, where her descendants still live. In every corner of the island this figure together with the whole patriotic, polemic feeling is still alive.



Definitely one of the most picturesque, scenery islands where people transfer by carriages and the cars are only allowed in a small part of the island. In general, The Spetsiot mansions, are witnesses to the cultural and economic development, which the island has seen in the late 18th century and continues until today. But after all the whole island had kept the character and history that it caters from the 19th where it played a vital role.



If you ask the locals, they will unbosom to you that the best beaches of the island is in Ligoneri, Agia Marina, Agia Paraskevi and in Vrelo. Except of swimming in the waters of Spetses islands, people usually go fishing, doing a lot water sports like scuba diving and of course just chilling in their boats around the port following the Spetses way!

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The cosmopolitan island of Spetses is at its peak during the Armata festival which take place in the second weekend of September for many years and it is something really thrilling to see. It is to mark the battle in the strait between Spetses Island and Kosta during the revolution of 1821. The festival week starts on the Monday and usually offers a full program, including any actives both for adults and children like music shows. The grand “finale” is on the Saturday night, closest to the 8th September. The last night the Turkish boat bursts into flames and fireworks pour out from within and people scream with delight. This festival transfer you back to the history of 1821 and for some moment you feel to be a part of it. A celebration must see!

A Lifetime experience you will remember for the rest your life.

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One of the charming islands near Athens, which give you the quality escape that you need. There is something timeless in this island and it’s as close to the idyllic Hellenic picture as you can imagine.


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