If you are looking for an island that is close to Athens with great food combining the peacefulness and tranquil vibe, but has the feeling of an island much further away, then Kea may be the place for you. Cosmopolitan, friendly, accessible, these are some of the words that can describe this island. Kea or (Tzia) has a lot to offer and until the island gets it’s tourism into motion you can experience a Greece that has begun to disappear.




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Kea is the island of the Cyclades complex that is closest to Attica and 20 km (12 miles) away from Cape Sounio as well as 60 km (37 miles) South East of Athens.


For nature lovers and adventure seekers that want to find a peaceful paradise a breath away.



With difficulty can anyone imagine that at a such close distance from Athens, we find an island with so many churches. There are 130 churches in Kea of all different shapes and this island is definitely home to some of the oldest churches including the church of Agios Haralambos. During the Byzantine period the island took the name of Kea and many churches were built with the island under the rule of the Diocese of Athens. Also, there are many appreciable Byzantine churches like,Panagia Gamila, Panagia Reymatiani, Evaggelismos, Dimotikia, Agios Spiridon and Panagia Chrysospiliotissa.



Apart from the picturesque villages, the island has one museum, the Archaeological Museum located in Ioulida, which is the capital of Kea. The building was constructed in 1970 and has exhibits of two important historical periods. the pre-historic collection and the Historic collection.



Kea is a strange and slightly mysterious island with many archaeological sites and one of the most amazing traditional villages in Greece. Kea has an authentic Cycladic architectural style.
If you walking into the little streets of Kea, you can see all the history of the island thought its buildings, like the Hellenistic watchtower of Agia Marina
If you are looking for a place where you have to work a little harder for your pleasure or be patient and watchful and let it come to you, then visit Kea where you can walk through mountain ravines and come upon ancient cities and walk down thousand years old stone streets past farms that have been there for centuries.



Kea has been blessed with a number of beautiful beaches. The visitor can find, all different kinds of beaches like isolated beaches, beaches accessible from the land and the sea as well as hidden beaches and also glamorous with crystalline emerald waters and fine golden sand . If you want to explore the coast and you can get to many beaches that nobody on land can reach and you are certain to have all the privacy you want, you are in the right place for a real adventure.

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Kea offers a great variety local specialties and delectable dishes of Mediterranean gastronomy. If you only have one day in Kea do not forget to taste strapatsada, which is a mix of tomato, eggs, cheese and herbs sort of like scrambled eggs but suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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Kea or Tzia is just a dream and the sunset is just incredible. Perfect place for relaxing and create unforgettable memories. If you are looking for an island, close to Athens but has the feeling of an island much further away with a cosmopolitan feeling, then Kea may be the place for you.


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