Our people
are making us unique

The main purpose of our everyday presence is to help our clients build long lasting, experiences. While it would be easy to credit our successes to superior ribs, company structures, premises and technologies, the reality is this: Our people are making us unique.




CFES (Centre Francophone d’etudes superieures – UNIVERSITE AIX-MARSEILLE III – Mention Administration Economique et sociale)
MASTER:  Department of International and European Studies (PΑΝΤΕΙΟΝ UNIVERSITY)
Military service at Hellenic Air Force Defense
Started early with owned business. Always been a businessman.
MD and Commercial Director at Kyriakopouloi SA (automobile sales, servicing, restoring and rebuilding)
10 years of experience in managing the Commercial Department.
Founders with Christos and  Kimon of “OPEN SEA” in 2008.
Started at “OPEN SEA” 10 years ago,  providing his experience in Chartering and Sales Department
Current Position: MD and Commercial Manager
Ηobbies: Μοuntain Ski  & Travelling
My professional involvement with the sea reinforced from the passion I had ever since I was a child, to travel and discover brand-new  destinations. I believe that the main factor which is leading to both personal and professional excellence and success of every human being, is turning what you love into your way of living!



National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)
Naval Architect and Marine Engineer
Military Service at Hellenic Air Force.
Started early with owned business. Always been a business man.
MD and Technical Director at Kyriakopouloi SA (automobile servicing, restoring and rebuilding).
15 years of experience in managing the Technical Department.
Founders with Kimon and Eftyhis of “OPEN SEA” in 2008.
Started at OPEN SEA in 2015.
Current: MD and Technical Director.
Hobbies: Getting involved with Ribs was a dream come true. Sea was always a way of life for me. Still enjoy a good ride.



Naval Architect and Marine Engineer
Worked freelance at Alpha Marine.
Registration (study and re-drawing) of the Greek fishing fleet.
Compliance to EU standards.
Military Service.
Member of the technical department at the Naval Base in Salamis.
Worked privately in Rib servicing and rebuilding.
15 years of accumulated experience in rebuilding, assembling and testing Ribs and speedboats.
Founded with Christos and Eftyhis OPENSEA in 2008.
Worked at OPENSEA since 10 years active experience in chartering.
Current: MD and Operation Manager Technical.
Hobbies: Always loved the sea. The sea was always my passion and the reason I was involved with boats. As a child I was member of Olympiacos sailing team.
Since I always enjoy a fast ride with a new arrival. We get to test first the boats we deliver.


With over 20 employees on four different departments, Open Sea is made up of smart, creative, nautical experienced, sea passionate driven people. We are experience makers, certified speed boat captains, certified naval architects and engineers, technical experts and above all adventure seekers, and deep blue passionate people.  And while our roles are diverse, we are united in our singular passion for delivering amazing customer experiences for every client, every time.


In case you wish to rent a rib with an experienced and certified skipper, you only have to address your request to “Open Sea”.
Keeping our promise by offering you unique experiences, in Open Sea we know that the captain is the most important part for your amazing sea experience. We employ certified long-experienced captains who are being selected according to our high standard criteria. They are all English native speakers, high rated in personal communication skills, oriented to deliver amazing experiences to you. Following thousand hours of experience, they are here to offer you unexpected experiences, and discover with you, all well-hidden secrets of the Aegean sea, while ensuring the safety of every mile of your journey.

Technical Department

Our technical department is consists of highly trained, long experienced naval architects, engineers, and specialised electricians. They are here to inspect every boat, day by day, ensuring the perfect condition of navigation.
Following thousands of hours of technical experience, they are here to ensure the highest quality for your rib experience, in terms of all safety features.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service Department consists of experienced, smart, creative, Sales and Concierge Experts. We’re all committed in trying to offer you the experience that suits your needs and preferences. By protecting our core values and sharing them with others, we create unforgettable sea experiences which are remaining long lasting.
We assist individual sea enthusiasts, group of friends, families, tourists and companies, to enjoy a great sea experience by exploring the hidden Greek gems and escaping in infinite secret destinations.
By a simple request, we are here to design for you the perfect sea experience, by suggesting you the way to feel the real essence of the Greek seas and changing your life forever. From tailor made excursions to special made proposals for your company, our team will guide you step by step to the secret paths of a real sea experience. Get in touch with our experienced team and start enjoying the real taste of “Open Sea”.

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