Strategic Location
Just a few minutes away

from your next escapade

Our premises are strategically located in the area of Anavissos. Just two minutes away from the sea, giving you direct access to infinite destinations to choose from.
Connected to major highways and Eleftherios Venizelos airport, our premises are very close to all major Athens regions. Just a few minutes away from key residential areas, your daily or weekend getaway is a matter of a small decision for a great experience. Open Sea’s  premises location offers you the opportunity to start a unique exploration of the Aegean deep waters and escape to a number of close destinations within minutes.
Now you can turn an ordinary weekend to an ultimate experience or enrich your stay in Athens tasting the real beauty of the Greek sea and islands.

State of the Art premises
Ensuring your safety and comfort

In open Sea your safety and comfort come first. We embodied our mission to deliver unique experiences to you when we designed our premises. We invested in building state of the art premises of more than 5,000 m2 offering unique services for your rib boat and ensuring the navigation safety of the ribs that you will rent from us.
Our premises include:

  • Parking lot area
  • Technical-Service rib boat department
  • Sales and Operations department

Our premises offer you the opportunity to park your rib boat ensuring that it will be safe through our 24/7 security service. Our technical and sevice section is equipped with the latest technology machineries. Everyday, our rib boats are passing through a scrutinised service control from an experienced technical team in order to ensure that every mile of your rib journey will be safe.

With thousand hours of experience at the sea, this specific rib boats technical department is using high standard procedures and technical aids. We inspect every part of your rib day by day ensuring the taste of the art navigation of your rib in terms of safety features.
Moreover, we designed our premises so that all our ribs are displayed in a way that helps you make the best selection for your need and budget.
Finally, we designed a special area, we call it “Experience Lab” where you can co-create with our team the rib experience that you never imagined. In a relaxed, cozy environment you can share with us your thoughts and aspirations for your next rib journey for you, your family, friends or your company. Our dedicated  “experience makers” team will create tailormade propositions that will help you satisfy your expectations.