30 Nov 2017

The highlight of our rib summer experience!

We are a family of 5 members and we all look forward to our summer vacation all year round. The fact that we are 5 different people of different age and with different interests makes it harder for us to find the best type of vacation for everyone to enjoy.

This summer we were determined to organize a trip that everyone would enjoy and create a bonding experience we would remember for years.

We wanted to find a way to combine the privacy a family wants with the flexibility to arrange our own schedule to visit the most destinations possible in order to satisfy everyone’s interests. We wanted to somehow combine adventure with relaxation, nature with freedom and privacy with the ability to visit the picturesque Greek Islands.

After a short search on the internet we found out that we could combine all of that with what the 5 of us love the most, the sea! We could rent a rib and spend our vacation the way we wanted. And so, we did. And we are glad we did.

As soon as we stepped on the Rib all of our problems and worries were left behind and we were all together as one ready to explore the Greek sea and spend unforgettable family moments together.

We decided to visit Hydra and take our Rib and visit a different beach every day. We also took advantage of the freedom a Rib offers to have a tour around Spetses as well. We were mesmerized by the clear waters of these two islands and the beautiful scenery that was around as we were cruising in the Aegean with the sea eagles as our company.

Our favorite moment was when the captain of the Rib decided to take us for a swim in an undiscovered “private” beach. The feeling was amazing when we were getting closer and closer to a powdery perfectly clean beach waiting for us to explore it. We all lived an unforgettable experience that day and got the true feeling of vacation and family fun!

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