Aegina original Greek rib tour

Aegina original Greek rib tour

Have a must do excursion in Aegina, with our brand new, fast and safe boats. Feel the morning breeze while you have a slow ride experience. Sandy beaches, historical monuments, Greek cuisine, lovely people and a great experience you will remember for a long time or until the next one which will replace in memory the previous one!

9:30-10:00 Depart From Vouliagmeni

Wear your best swimming suit, don’t forget your sunglasses and put some suntan on. Now you are ready to experience the “must do” excursion to Aegina Island. Half an hour is just enough to start feeling the vibes of a different day!

10:00-10:30 Slow ride experience

Now we approach the northernmost point of Aegina Island and we slow down to enjoy the beauties of the island.  By this distance you can admire the pure colors of the nature , the unique architecture and beautiful monuments, while you are sunbathing and why not… swimming in the most crystal clear Aegean waters.

10.30 Kippi Bay Beach

We stop at Kippi bay for a quick swim.

11:30 Moni

We continue along the south side of the Island to Moni Islet. Swimming and snorkeling time with drinks (and snacks upon request) available on board.

13:30 Perdika

We have a lunch stop at Perdika Bay. We may arrange lunch for the group at a local traditional tavern. The group may choose the menu of their preference out of a variety of traditional dishes.

15:30 Regroup and boarding

At this point we regroup and get on board to visit the main port of Aegina.

16.00 Aegina main port

We visit Aegina’s main port and have a 2-hour stop.

18:00 Regroup and boarding

We regroup and get on board to head back to Vouiagmeni. The estimated time of arrival is 18:45.

Vagia: We are now out of Vagia; the traditional fish village of Aegina Island. Feel the pine smell which comes from the hills covered by pine-forest. It’s time to get your camera and capture the shapes and the shadows of the small harbor with the colored fishing boats. And more is coming. Next to the harbor on the left, you can find a big sandy beach and a smaller one on the right.

Santa Marina: The fascinating feeling of sun and wind on the rib continues as we reach Santa Marina. A very  well-known  destination for a weekend escape after a hard week in Athens. A big sandy and well organized beach with water sports is available for fun.

Aphaia Temple: From this part of the sea we are able to feel the energy from the temple of Aphaia, which is a Dorian type temple.

Vlihada: When we move close to Vlihada, a small village by the sea, we will see the exact spot where father of penicillin, Alexander Fleming’s ship, landed on the beach.

Portes: The slow ride experience has to offer us more view. Portes is a remote fishing village with a few houses and a very picturesque tavern. It has a beautiful pebbly beach and a small harbor for the boats in the area.

Kipi: The great thing about having a rib experience is that you are never far from the best and not accessible by foot, beach. The beach “Kipi” comes next.

Moni Island: Moni Island is a love at first sight! There are no inhabitants, but only deer, wild goats and peacocks which come close to you, in order to feed them. The beaches have deep, clear waters, suitable for snorkeling.

Lunch break: In the middle of our tour and before we go to Perdika, you will taste the best cuisine in the world, the Mediterranean. Fresh fish, salads made by local products, pies stuffed with greek goat cheese, fresh fruits and homemade sweets.

Perdika: Sea lovers are going to be fascinated over Perdika. An old traditional settlement build around the port was the most suitable spot for our lunch break. In the old times its town folks were occupied exclusively with fishing. Main characteristic of the settlement of Perdika is the small houses with their yards to connect with each other.

Port of Aegina: The port of Aegina is the central spot of Aegina Town, reached by ferries, hydrofoils and catamaran speed runners from Piraeus and other islands of the Saronic Gulf. Aegina town is built amphitheatrically towards the sea. When you enter the harbor, the small, white church of Saint Nikolas welcomes you and then you get impressed by the classical buildings, which are located along the sea front of the island. Their earthy colors are making them look even more beautiful at sunset.

DONT FORGET TO: Walk in the narrow, paved streets and see the traditional houses, the churches with the blue domes and the shops with folk art. You must get  several photos of the fishing boats, which are not only used for fishing but for selling groceries as well.
And finally don’t forget to buy the famous peanuts of Aegina.

A full of colors experience almost ends: Enjoy the glorious sunset over the Aegean Sea whilst heading to Vouliagmeni and experience the breathtaking view while gentle cruising.

A worth sharing experience you will remember!


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