Sounio Tours & Cruises

Sounio Tours & Cruises

Escape in the exquisite and majestic beauty of the Temple of Poseidon standing tall and proudly at the southernmost Cape of Attica that is stroked by the tips of the waves providing stunning scenery to remember. You can also enjoy a refreshing dip in the mesmerizing crystal clear waters which are bringing up to your memory, the name of Poseidon, the God of the Sea in Greek Mythology, who lies proudly on top overlooking the infinite peaceful blue.

15:30 Boarding

They say that falling in love is easy at sunset. Let’s get on board for a different experience. We will be waiting for you at Vouliagmeni Marina to start our tour.

16:00 Departure from Vouliagmeni

Make yourself comfortable in our ultramodern rib and enjoy the trip. Make a hug to your partner since one of the best experiences in your life and the most romantic one, has just started.  After 35 minutes with incredible sights along the way, we will reach Sounion.

16:40 Sounion Bay

Here we are: In a place touched by Gods, ready to feel an exciting experience! Admire the most glorious Greek temple, the elegant Temple of Poseidon. Let the combination of the unique architecture and the feeling of the revitalizing vibes to guide you to the ancient history of the temple. If you have taken enough pictures (if they are ever enough) it’s time to have a refreshing swim and a sunbath in the sandy beach within the well protected bay of Sounio, at the site where in ancient times there used to be the dockyard of the Athenian fleet.
After this amazing experience you’ll have the chance to relax and have a cup of coffee or a glass of Greek wine, at the local tavern situated at the seaside.

18:00 Regroup

It’s time to regroup since we have more for you to experience.

18:15 Patroklos Island

Here, you will have the chance for a full hour swim and snorkeling.

19:15 Arsida

We saved the best for last: Explore the mystery of the cave of Arzenta at Arsida Islet.

20:00 Arrival

We arrive back at Vouliagmeni at 20.00. We are quite sure that mentally you are still at Sounio…

Patroklos Island: Patroklos Island or Gaidouronisi is a small, private island located in the Saronic Gulf. The beaches are large and sandy with unpolluted waters rich in fish, due to the sea currents in this region. You will have the chance for a quick swim for a full hour. Lounge music and refreshments will wait for you on board.

Arsida: A colorful, open cave starting at 6 meters, Arzenta or Arsida is our last stop, in Arsida Islet. The walls and the bottom are covered by red algae and yellow fancy corals. At some points it seems bottomless and inside it’s cracks we meet arthropods and fish.

DONT FORGET TO: “Steal” the most unforgettable sunset colors of the offing  and the feeling that everything is possible in this beautiful scenery.



A full of emotions experience almost ends: Take a dip in the mesmerizing waters overlooking the temple of the ultimate god of the sea and feel the majestic energy and vibes of the historic location.

A worth feeling experience you will remember!


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