20 May 2017

What a day to remember on a rib!

We all look forward for that special day of the year when we just want to be with our closest people, have fun and celebrate our birthday! It is a day that is always memorable, but I was definitely not prepared for such a surprise.

When my best friend John, called me early morning of my birthday and didn’t wish me for my birthday, I felt disappointed until the time I met him: a couple of hours later at Vouliagmeni. There I got a bit confused.

As soon as I arrived there, John led the way and a few steps later we arrived in front of a fully equipped magnificent Rib boat! He told me to step inside and said “Let’s have the most amazing party!”

When I entered the boat, all of my friends started to appear from different directions, entering the boat by wishing me…. Then I heard the engines starting! I knew it was going to be an unforgettable day! The waves were lightly hitting the sides of the boat spraying a little water, just enough to refresh us. The music along with the songs of the seagulls was the perfect soundtrack as to enjoy our drinks in this comfortable Rib.

A few hours later, during sunset, our skipper turned off the engines letting us be, into the middle of the eternal blue of the Greek Sea. That was the time of my birthday cake! I don’t think I will ever experience anything as unique as this. Feeling that freedom and such a beauty! Being able to share my birthday on that boat with my best friends, was the most perfect gift I could ever expect!