Explore the hidden gems
of Greek deep blue

Open Sea is the personal guide that helps you explore the gems of Greek Sea, escape in infinite hidden destinations and experience unique moments of freedom. With more than 9 years experience we are here to welcome you on board, offering adventurous, or relaxing moments, completely safe.
We are here to help you create memories  and exciting stories worth telling and sharing.
We dear you to rent a rib and feel a real passionate experience of Greek deep blue, enjoying an unexpected service that will exceed your expectations.


Sharing our passion for exploring the hidden gem of Greek Open Sea is what we do

We are three men Kimon, Eftyhis and Christos sharing three different lives. We left behind our conventional jobs and gave shape to the vision of creating exciting experiences. In “Open Sea” we explore the Greek seas in order to offer unique escape experiences from ordinary life. Our passion reflects the morning breeze while sailing. The wind that hits our face when the rib rides the waves. The sunset in the end of the sea while switched the engines off. Our passion is your smile the moment you discover the most powdery, isolated beach the Aegean Sea. We will never stop serving this passion.


It’s people that make us unique

We come to work every day to help our clients build long lasting, experiences. While it would be easy to credit our successes to superior ribs, company structures, state of the art premises and technologies, the reality is this: Our people make us unique.
With over 20 employees on four different departments, Open Sea is made up of smart, creative, nautical experienced, sea passionate driven people. We are experience makers, certified speed boat captains, ship builders, technical experts and above all adventure seekers, and deep blue passionate people.  And while our roles are diverse, we are united in our singular passion for delivering amazing customer experiences for every client, every time.


Our FLEET is ready to accommodate
your needs and interests

Whether you are passionate about sea, traveller, tourist or experience seeker depending on your preferences, available time to spend, we offer you the largest range of rib options, from 6-10 meters, to choose from. Our ribs are available to you with or without licensed captain. Come on board and start experiencing Greek open sea in style, comfort and security.

QUALITY standards

Our boats are designed to be used in extreme conditions and therefore are extremely robust, stable and safe. We continue tirelessly to evolve and better our ribs to meet the clients’ needs and International Regulations. Our principal responsibility is the safety of your life, when you’re at the sea and the environmental protection. The only thing you have to worry about is your suntan.


Strategic LocationJust a few minutes away from your next escapade

Our premises are strategically located in the area of Anavissos. Just two minutes away from the sea, give you direct access to infinite destinations to choose from.
Our premises connected to major highways and Eleftherios Venizalos airport are very close to all major Athens regions. Just a few minutes away from key residential areas, your daily or weekend getaway is a matter of a small decision for a great experience.

Get Ready
for your next Sea Exploration